Cruz 家長 (幼兒課程) :


My son has been taking drawing classes in different workshops since he was 2.5 years old. Not until he started his class at Heidi's workshop in this July, I found it is the one that I've been looking for years for my son. Unlike some other teachers just to 'help' the kids to complete an artwork to fulfill the parents, Heidi teaches my son from the very basic technique so that he can build up his confidence to draw.


She also gives inspiration and leads him to use his imagination on drawing different objects. My son now feels so happy and eagers to attend the class every week. I hope that his interest in drawing can help him to develop as part of his career in the future.

李樂家長 (幼兒課程) :



Yau Yau 家長 (小童課程) :


Drawing is more than just making pretty pictures. I am so glad to see Yau Yau’s imagination, creativity and perseverance blossom through learning art. Thank you Miss Ma for being such an insightful teacher!

琳琳 (青年課程):



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